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Williams Head-wear is founded and operated in Baton Rouge Louisiana. Just high quality head-wear for high quality people. We also offer in shop customization of just about any material that is machine friendly. Our goal is to keep costs low and product quality high for people from all walks of life. We hope you find our services pleasing enough to make your day, and thank you for visiting Williams Head-wear.

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Why Choose Us?

We strive to make a high quality product because we want our customers to have just that. Here we do not try to compete with other companies we just make great product to make people feel good. At Williams Head-wear we want all of our customers to feel not only welcome, but a part of the team once they put on one of our hats. When people think of us we want to make them think great, high quality and overall good experiences

-Caleb Williams-

About Us

Caleb Williams


From wearing, to customizing, to making them from scratch my love grew for hats and accessories. I wanted to share that love with family and friends alike. My new move landed me here making quality items for everyone to enjoy. I hope my products make everyone feel just as great as I feel making them.


Along with this online store items are also available for pick-up and delivery in the Baton Rouge metropolitan Area

Baton Rouge Louisiana 70820

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Monday — Friday

10:00 AM — 9:30 PM


Noon — 7:00 PM


10:00am - 9:00pm